Yet another queue system?

Yes, indeed. When I feel the urge to write some code... I google first. And I did. A lot.

I tried different systems:

I experienced some problems...

My problem was simple: I had to scrape the WebsiteXXX which hosted Iron Man's profile. And I had to scrape Iron Man's info every second day because the guy's so cool and his profile changes a lot.

repetitive tasks was problem n.1

Every time my worker did scrape Iron Man's profile, it found references to other super heroes: The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, ... and of course I wanted them too. Soon enough I noticed that they were often referencing each others, so duplicates begun to appear in my solution. Ouch! My system was doing the job more than once every second day!

unique tasks was problem n.2
(with RabbitMQ you need to use a Redis - or similar - server to check uniqueness before pushing)

Some time went by and my system did work well. Too well. So much "well" that it founds millions of superheroes. Damn, they are everywhere! Soon enough my server could not cope with the amount of profiles it needed to check every second day. There was not enough time (given WebsiteXXX is so slow). At this point I figured: "why don't just start copied of my system on multiple machines?" Best idea ever, easy to think, easy to do (just throw money at AWS, right?). Few minutes into horizontal scaling I noticed that my many machines were all processing the same super hero!

exclusive distributed tasks was problem n.3
(all the existing systems solved this problem quite well)

Once I solved the concurrent access problem I was set for success. Or so I thought. It was about Christmas time so my optimism was sky-rocketing. Well, well, well... After a quick check I found out that Iron Man removed his profile from WebsiteXXX but my system kept trying to access the profile, getting a non surprising 404 back. Then I thought: "shouldn't the system be smart enough to stop trying? Of course it should be! But AI/ML is so expensive so I simply

task failure threshold was problem n.4

There have been many other small and big challenges in getting toghether this Postgres extension, performances are always on top of my mind and I am now investigating new ways of using table inheritance and data partitioning to create an even more efficient system.

But at its core Fetchq is simply a stable queue system that can run millions of documents in a very small small machine, with a memory footprint that is basically ridicolus.

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