pending document

A document who's next_iteration date is set in the past is called pending and it will be processed as soon as possible.

pending documents

see: pending document

active document

A document becomes active when is being selected using fetchq_doc_pick(), normally a worker process is responsible of this state.

Only pending documents can become active.

active documents

see: active document


A worker is an app written in any language you may know (our examples are written in NodeJS) that pick a document from a queue and process it.

Fetchq is engineered so that you can run multiple workers concurrently and they will not cross each other or receive the same document twice!

orphan document

When a document gets picked by a worker, the worker is given a certain amount of time to complete the data processing. It's a timeout tha the worker can set by itself and by default is set to 5 minutes.

If this time lapse and the worked takes no action, Fetchq assumes that the worker is dead and takes action on the document.

Based on the error threshold the document may be scheduled for another attempt or may become a dead document.

orphan documents

see: orphan document

dead document

Means: "you don't need to process me ever again".

A document can be marked as "dead" by an explicity worker's action or because it went beyond the error threshold.

NOTE: the document is still in the queue so no other documents with the same subject will be admitted into the queue. If your want to allow for re-insert then you need to drop the document.

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